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Our Certificates & Our Policies


Quality is everyone's right and responsibility! Moving from this basic approach; We should show our importance to our society and our future with our products and service quality and with our customers, efficiency and competitive power, our stakeholders, working environment and conditions, our employees, our sensitivity to the environment and our compliance with legal regulations. This importance and priority; We must reflect on the products and services we create to meet customer needs and expectations by making our processes effective, constantly improving and adding new values.
As all of our studies; We are committed to continually improving our health, safety and environmental quality. We are aware that the environment in which we live must be protected from all kinds of harmful effects. To this end we ensure that measures are taken to select the most appropriate materials and techniques to minimize environmental impacts of our activities within the framework of environmental legislation.
It is our goal to fulfill the requirements of business legislation and business ethics, to identify our hazards, to reduce our risks to acceptable levels, and to eliminate them. All of our departments, through continuous and collaborative work, are developing our management systems in accordance with the changing conditions and expectations of the day. We commit our employees, customers and suppliers to raise awareness of environmental protection, occupational health and safety.