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About Us

Koluman Otomotiv Endüstri A.Ş.

‘’Journey through half-century’’

Since 1965, Koluman holding has been providing solutions for all kind of necessities of customers in the fields of motor vehicles, construction and engineering, superstructure production, marketing and foreign commerce by invesment in different fields. Koluman is the main dealer of Mercedes Benz Turk A.Ş and to provide sale and after-sale services of Mercedes brand vehicle, as well as working on vehicle upper structure and montage. As the upper producer of Daimler in the 80.000 m2 closed area which is placed in the Tarsus Mersin, Koluman proccess upper structure manufacture semi-trailer for transport and logistic, tactical wheeled vehicles within military projects on the point of used defense industry.

Koluman Holding, which has signed big projects,will continue to contribute in addition to going further of Turkish society and invesment of people by proudly.


We aim to create innovative solutions to our customers and to be creation of value for all our stakeholders.


We aim to be a global brand in world standards as a manufacturer of commercial superstructure and trailers.

Our Values

Our Ethical Position

We respect all the values in every geographical region we operate, and we do not enter into any unethical trade relations with the law. We act in accordance with all applicable laws in our business relationships.

Our Dedication

We keep our temptation in front of everything, we do not sacrifice any material benefits. We are punished to go after the good, the beautiful and the real.

Sustainable Growth

We aim to achieve projects that are suited to the ecological and economic development that contributes to the development of our country with a half-century of our first priority since our establishment.

Customer Focused

We aim to better understand our customers' needs and expectations and to make them happy to work with us.

Our Partners